At SUEZ Water UK, we work with you and your team to develop simple, cost-effective and reliable water and wastewater solutions that optimise your complete water cycle.

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Whichever market sector your organisation operates in, the challenge of managing your water and wastewater systems is unlikely to be a core business skill – you need high purity water and have to dispose of wastewater, but ultimately your focus is on your products, services, staff or customers.

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water management

Managing the water cycle of any site is complex, whether you are operating an existing system, building a new treatment plant or expanding production. We have proven expertise in helping businesses across the UK, from a diverse range of industries, in both managing and optimising their water availability, consumption and effluent discharge. Our skills, knowledge and resources can:

  • Help you review, reduce and reuse water at your site
  • Find suitable water sources, manage abstraction limits and operational risks, to safeguard your production
  • Ensure your site has access to the water volumes that it needs, at the quality required to continue operations safely at all times
  • Identify and act upon factors impacting water quality in the network


Protecting the environment and managing precious natural resources for future generations is at the heart of everything we do. As we work with your business we extend this philosophy to ensure that you comply with all forms of regulatory controls, governing water purity, abstraction consents, discharge limits and HSQE standards.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you go beyond compliance, to a position where your organisation is minimising its environmental impact, today and in the future, while continuing to meet its commercial targets, technical challenges or public obligations.

cost optimisation

As long term energy and input prices continue to rise, the need to optimise the operating cost of all water and wastewater systems becomes ever more important.

At SUEZ Water UK we work closely with you to review your water needs, identify the opportunities for efficiencies and develop effective long term solutions.

This might be as simple as replacing a distillation unit with a modern reverse osmosis system to reduce cost/litre or upgrading existing chemistry to eliminate boiler scale and corrosion, or involve the complete outsourced management, operation and maintenance of all your water and wastewater assets, to produce true bottom line improvements.

health & safety

Health and safety are critical to our operations, within our manufacturing, laboratory and office facilities and whenever we are working with customers on-site. We’re approved to all of the latest HSQE standards and our scientists, engineers and maintenance staff are fully trained and highly experienced in all aspects of health, safety and environmental compliance.

In addition, we offer a wide range of training courses to help your employees understand and manage the risks of site safety, legionella, water-borne infections and environmental compliance. Many of our courses are formally accredited by leading independent assessment bodies and form part of CPD programmes.

efficiency improvements

Many water and wastewater systems fail to operate consistently at their maximum levels of performance. This can be for a variety of reasons, including poor design, incorrect installation, lack of trained operational staff, contaminated consumables or incorrect chemistry.

In each case, our team is here to help you maximise the efficiency of your water purification and treatment equipment – whether that be a single benchtop RO unit, a closed water system or high volume process plant.

research & development

Our research and development teams include highly experienced chemists, scientists, engineers and commercial managers, working together to help you implement truly effective water and wastewater management systems.

This work is backed by our in-house laboratory – one of the most advanced independent laboratories in Europe – which provides critical analyses of your water and liquid waste streams, to ensure that every solution we offer meets the exact needs of your organisation.

big data management

Data is key to the operation of every water or wastewater system, to ensure optimum efficiency, consistent output and compliance with quality standards and national and international legislation.

The larger your water and wastewater system, the more complex the data sets become. Our technical and applications experts have many years’ experience and use the latest analytical tools, including sophisticated analyses from our industry-leading in-house laboratory, to provide the insight you need to ensure that your plant and equipment operates reliably, safely and profitably.


Choosing an international partner is a very important, and often complex, decision for any organisation in any industry. Making the right choice could be vital to your success in both your domestic and overseas markets. As a well-established international supplier of water purification systems, water treatment and oilfield chemicals we know exactly what you’re looking for in an overseas partner and have the knowledge, experience and facilities to deliver.

With expertise in rules and regulations regarding exporting chemicals and products and a range of well-established manufacturing under licence agreements with companies across the globe, SUEZ Water UK is your ideal international partner. 

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