SUEZ Smart Connect

Take control of your water purification system and reduce your maintenance costs

We are introducing Internet connectivity to our popular Select range of laboratory water purification systems to help you simplify your asset management, improve reliability and lower your operating costs.

SUEZ Smart Connect is available on all new Select water purification systems as a standard feature and as a retrofit option to existing units. This is done as part of the service visit by one of our SUEZ engineers.

Smart Connect comprises a carefully integrated package of hardware and software that includes a user friendly touchscreen, computer with wired, WiFi or GSM network connectivity and a web-based software platform that can be used on any PC, smartphone or tablet.

Smart Connect will give you a number of immediate benefits. The system allows secure, remote access to all the data recorded during operation. This means that at a glance you can see if the system is operating correctly and check consumable supply levels and consumption rates without leaving your desk.

Inventory management is also taken care of, as we can remotely monitor the status of consumables, relieving you of the burden of ordering cartridges and other replacement parts. If your equipment status and usage patterns suggest replacement is imminent, we can work with you to ensure that appropriate parts are delivered in a timely fashion.

Purified water is expensive, and Smart Connect allows you to understand exactly how and where the water is being used, revealing opportunities to modify working practices to minimise waste and control operating costs. The same data also gives labs the information they need to make fact-based decisions about upgrades and changes to equipment configuration. With the data available on-line, it can also be integrated into existing laboratory management software for audit and compliance purposes.

smart connect

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