Water and Wastewater management solutions for Utilities

We are committed to developing sustainable innovations to shape the future of water and wastewater management, support more agile and accurate decision making, and deliver benefits to water companies. Through a range of solutions, we enable the efficient management of water company operations spanning water networks, wastewater networks, and water and wastewater treatment solutions:

  • Network asset management: Our network cleaning and leak detection solutions help improve water quality and reduce water losses.
  • Smart solutions: Our smart water network solutions are key to delivering benefits in operational efficiency and customer service.
  • Drainage management: This innovative range of solutions will optimise the performance of sewer and stormwater networks and preserve the natural environment.
  • Wastewater, sludge and energy: Our extensive experience in the operations and installation of wastewater and sludge assets, will help you unlock the full recovery potential of sewage sludge, reduce operation costs and increase plant performance and reliability.
  • Network Water Quality Management: Providing analysis, advice and solutions to help water utilities identify and act upon factors impacting water quality in the network.


Our portfolio of water products, solutions and technologies, include the following:

•   Wastewater treatment plant

•   Sludge drying

•   Floc preparation for dewatering

•   Advanced biofiltration for odour control

•   Advanced aeration control 

What our customers say:

SUEZ is a team of experienced individuals in the water industry for a number of years. Working with these guys has been a breath of fresh air.
Richard Johnson, Northumbrian Water
I really enjoyed working with SUEZ. I‘ve had a good experience with them. It’s that innovative, willing to try things and go away and learn which I enjoyed.
Philip Clisham, Mouchel
Working with SUEZ was an absolute pleasure because they told us what we needed to do to make our project a success.
Philip Jones, Dee Valley Water
I like working with SUEZ. I think they‘ve got a very good attitude for looking at a situation from a very practical point of view and designing a solution that ticks all the boxes. The other aspect is that SUEZ are always keen to learn and improve and develop.
Stuart Tilley, Northumbrian Water

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