Suez Heat Recovery System EcobuildSUEZ Water UK introduce Degrés Bleus, an eco-friendly system for heat recovery from wastewater.

The Degrés Bleus solution uses heat recovered from sewer wastewater to:

  • heat and cool buildings,
  • heat process water, and
  • supply heat to communal & district heating schemes.

The technology is ideally suited to cover significant but relatively stable heat loads starting from 800MWh annually and may be integrated with new and existing heating systems. SUEZ Water UK has more than 16 operations of Degrés Bleus in France and is working towards introducing the solution to the UK market.

Degrés Bleus is a readily available renewable source of energy that can achieve a 30 to 70% reduction of CO2 emissions in addition to savings related to energy expenditure used for heating and cooling. The principle of Degrés Bleus is to supply all or part of the energy used to heat a building, using a system connected to the wastewater network to recover the heat produced. The use of a heat pump allows the system to be reversible: it can be used for heating in winter and for cooling during the summer.

SUEZ Water UK will launch this new solution at Ecobuild, stand A1545. Ecobuild is the number one event for forward-thinking professionals in the built environment. The event takes place in Excel, London, on the 7-9 March 2017.

For more information visit our dedecated product page.