Project Description

Puritreat pcf

A range of automatic activated carbon filters to reduce chlorine, organic contaminants and for general water conditioning

Feed water enters the unit and passes through the activated carbon adsorption media where chlorine and dissolved organics are removed. Periodically, the media is backwashed to remove any accumulated particulate matter. This process is fully automatic.





General water use at low volumes

Floor standing reinforced fibreglass cylinder –

A robust long lasting design

Premium grade activated carbon media –

Ensures a consistent supply of quality water

Automatic timer control –

The backwashing process is initiated by the elapsed time since the last backwash

Feed water bypass to service during backwash –

Provides a continuous supply of water even during the backwashing process


  • Chlorine test kit
  • In-line Chlorine monitor

Unit Design Options

  • Hot water system to accomodate feed water (up to 50°C)
  • Higher flowrate models available on request
  • Feed water bypass to service during backwash
  • Water meter control

For further details on the technical specifications, please download the datasheet using the link below.


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