Project Description

Puritreat cws

A range of automatic water softeners to remove hardness and prevent the formation of scale deposits.

Feedwater enters the unit and passes through the ion exchange resin, which causes the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions to give softened water. Periodically, the exchanged calcium and magnesium is removed from the resin by regeneration using salt solution supplied from the brine tank. The regeneration process is fully automatic.





General water use at low volumes

Floor standing reinforced fibreglass cylinder –

A robust long lasting design

Automatic regeneration of the ion exchange resin –

A supply of softened water is aways maintained

Timer or water meter control options* –

The regeneration process is controlled either by the volume of water processed or by the elapsed time since the last regeneration

Choice of corrosion resistant control valves –

Offers flexible and reliable performance

Internal feedwater bypass to service during regeneration on single unit models –

Provides a continuous supply even during regeneration

Duplex models available – ensuring a continuous supply of soft water

*Timer control is standard on all single unit models


  • Salt saturator
  • Alarm to indicate low salt levels
  • Water hardness test kit
  • Water hardness monitor

Unit Design Options

  • Water meter control for single units
  • Automatic valve to close feedwater bypass during the
  • regeneration process
  • Hot water system to accomodate hot feedwater (above 50°C)
  • Larger models available on request

For further details on the technical specifications, please download the datasheet using the link below.


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