Project Description


The LAB2B ozone generator is a small air-cooled unit specifically designed for bench use incorporating function indicators, feed gas flowmeter and variable output control.

Output variation is manually adjustable using a control knob mounted on the front panel.

Operating on various feed gases such as dried air or oxygen, LAB2B is capable of producing concentrations up to 10% volume.

Ozone is produced when dry air or oxygen gas is passed over the ceramic dielectric of an ozone-generating module, which is powered by a high voltage/high frequency power board.

The electronic power board is designed for either intermittent or continuous operation.

The ceramic dielectric is housed within a finned heat sink block, which is air-cooled by fan assisted atmospheric air.




Ozone generator for laboratory research

Additional features

  • Variable ozone output up to 10g O³/h
  • Operate under vacuum or at maximum pressure of 10psi
  • Feed gas: air or oxygen
  • Compact dimensions
  • Illuminating switches indicate ozone production and faults
  • Air cooled
  • O&M manual included with performance graphs
  • Full 12 months warranty
  • Technical backup facilities
  • Additional LAB2B units can be added for larger ozone output (optional).


Length (mm) 350
Height (mm) 160
Width (mm) 300
Weight (kg) 6
Ozone output* 4.0 g/h 0.14 lb/h
Ozone output** 10.0 g/h 0.35 lb/h
Feed gas flow rate 4-10 l/min air 2-5 l/min oxygen
Variable output control (%) 15-100
Power supply (V/ph/Hz) 230/1/50 or 115/1/60
Power consumption (W) 105

* Feed gas: Dry Air-60°C Dewpoint

** Feed gas: 100% Oxygen


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