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Integra HP

The Integra HP is a compact water purification and distribution unit. Fully integrated, it incorporates reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation technology, with storage and a distribution pump. It is also available with optional carbon dioxide, membrane degassing and bacterial filtration technology.

Our Integra range is ideal for laboratories requiring greater daily volumes of purified water with several points of use. Our Integra HP and Integra L systems deliver laboratory grade deionised water from 60-600 litres per hour, while our Integra 200E system is a low energy, self-contained unit utilising the latest low energy reverse osmosis membranes and electro-deionisation technology.




Compact centralised distribution of laboratory water

Additional features

  • Range of make-up rates 60/120/190 l/hr
  • Integral 50 litre purified water storage tank eliminates the need for external tanks
  • Optional carbon dioxide membrane degasser to enhance deioniser capacity
  • Range of polishing deioniser options to meet all purity requirements and standards
  • Full colour LCD touch screen display for ease of operation
  • Low energy recirculation pump to conserve energy during periods of low demand
  • Cat5 compliant break tank to comply with water regulations
  • Optional manual by-pass to provide continuity of service in an emergency.


HP60 HP120 HP190
Width (mm) 890
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 840
Max shipping weight (kg) 54 64 72
Max working weight (kg) 97 107 117
Installation Requirements
Power Single Phase, 110-230V, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Feed water Potable Potable Softened
Maximum TDS (ppm) 1000
Minimum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 30 (2.1)
Maximum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 90 (6.2)
Feed water temperature 1-35°C
Free chlorine Must be dechlorinated
Pure water storage 50 litre
Display panel LCD – Colour touch screen
Pre-treatment 5μm pre-filter
Reverse osmosis Low energy membranes
Deionisation Optional cylinders
Micro filtration Optional 0.2μm
UV lamp 254nm
Purified water make-up flowrate @ 10°C 60/120/190 l/hr
Purified water distribution Up to 270 l/hr and a max of 3 bar
Carbon dioxide degassing Optional
TOC reduction Optional*

* 10, 15, 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisation packs available including activated carbon for TOC reduction

Conductivity < 30μs/cm to 18.2MΩ-cm
Bacteria < 1cfu/ml*
Organics – TOC (ppb) < 30ppb
Particles < 0.2μm*

* With optional 0.2μm bacterial filter

Process Flow:



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