Project Description

Integra E+

Integra E+ uses proven reverse osmosis technology in conjunction with dechlorination and particle filtration as part of the first stage of the purification process. The purified water from this first stage is stored in an integral stainless steel tank before being circulated via a ring main. To maintain microbiological control of the system, the circulating water is continually purified by passing it through a 0.2 micron filter and then irradiated with ultra-violet light at a germicidal wavelength of 254nm.

The system requires a softened feed water and has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the latest decontamination guidelines for ‘final rinse water’. It features thermal sanitisation, which can be set to sanitise automatically to a pre-programmed time or on demand.

As standard, Integra E+ is equipped with integral data logging technology, which facilitates capture of all key operating parameters, including alarm states, water quality and system performance, thus providing a permanent record of operation – essential for validation history.




Endoscope reprocessors

Washer disinfectors

Other decontamination applications

  • Completely self-contained in a robust housing that is easy to clean, maintain and transport
  • Minimal installation and commissioning
  • Integral, fully drainable 250 litre, stainless steel storage tank
  • Integral raw water break tank with backflow protection
  • BMS Alarm output connection
  • Panel mounted, backlit, LCD display
  • Data logging of critical parameters
  • Automatic hot water sanitisation cycle
  • Semi-automatic membrane cleaning cycle
  • Hygienic, sanitisable, stainless steel bio-sample valve on outlet
  • Auto ringmain flush available for temperature control
  • Leak detection system incorporated


Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 1800
Maximum working weight (kg) 622
Maximum shipping** weight (kg) 372
Installation Requirements
Power requirement (V/Hz) 400 / 50
Energy consumption* (kWh) 0.6 – 1.3

* Maximum power consumption during thermal sanitisation
** Includes packing case

Feedwater temperature (°C) 1-35
Feedwater hardness (ppm CaCO3) < 4
Feedwater pressure (bar) 3-6
Feedwater consumption (max l/hr) 1000
Feedwater drain flowrate (l/hr) 300
Feedwater recovery (max %) 70
Make up flow rate @ 10˚C (l/hr) 600
Purified water output 1,000 l/hr at 4 bar to 3,000 l/hr at 2.5 bar
Pure water storage Up to 250 litres

* For harder water a SUEZ water softener is required

Conductivity < 30μS/cm
Total viable count < 10cfu/100ml
Endotoxin < 0.25EU/ml
Silica < 0.2 mg/l

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