Project Description

Cabinet Softeners

A range of compact automatic water softeners to remove hardness and prevent formation of scale deposits.

Feedwater enters the unit and passes through the ion exchange resin, which causes the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions to give softened water. Periodically, the exchanged calcium and magnesium is removed from the resin by regeneration using salt solution supplied from the brine tank. The regeneration process is fully automatic.




General water use at low volumes

Common features of the Cabinet Softeners range include:

  • Reinforced fibreglass cylinder
  • Premium grade ion exchange resin
  • Automatic timer controls
  • Salt container for production of salt solution (brine)
  • Control valves manufactured from non-corrodible materials
  • Feedwater bypass to service during regeneration


  • Raw water break tank and boost pump
  • Soft water storage tanks
  • Particulate filters (1-50 micron)
  • Distribution pipework and valves
  • Hardness test kit
CS10 CS14 CS23 CS30
Width (mm) 240 240 240 320
Depth (mm) 430 430 430 517
Height (mm) 650 790 1095 924
Weight as delivered (kg) 15 19 28 74
Electrical 240 volts 50Hz single phase
Feedwater pressure 2-6 barg (30 to 90 psig)
Feedwater temperature 1-49°C
Drain Suitable drain at floor level
CS10 CS14 CS23 CS30
Flowrates [l/hr]
Maximum service 300 420 670 1440
Minimum service 60 80 120 120
Maximum effluent 240 240 360 500
Salt used (kg) 1.6 2.2 3.6 4.8
Salt capacity (kg) 25 40 50 65
Time (mins) 82
Connections (inches)
Inlet 1/2” Hosetail 3/4”
Outlet 1/2” Hosetail 3/4”
Drain 1/2” Hosetail 3/4”

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