Site infrastructure services

Expert infrastructure installation and plant refurbishment projects

Our dedicated Site Services team manage, supervise and deliver water and wastewater infrastructure projects on an ad hoc basis or part of a turnkey project. Each vary in size and range from refurbishing and installing pipework to civil enabling works. Having worked on a range of sites from large complex industrial to remote isolated facilities, we offer a wide range of services including Project Management, Site Supervision, Project Delivery, Maintenance and Repair works on all aspects of the water cycle in the industrial and municipal market. With an excellent safety record, our highly experienced Site Services team take pride in all aspects of their work and ensure each project is delivered to a high standard while fully complying with site procedures and processes.

•   Deploy qualified, skilled engineers to optimise your site’s water infrastructure

•   Install the best systems for your site, to suit your businesses’ needs

•   Maintain your assets to prolong service life and minimise downtime and maintenance costs

Infrastructure construction managements

Each project is vigorously planned, co-ordinated, monitored and managed from inception to commissioning, in line with any sites constraints and to the correct procedures and processes including any CDM 2015 requirement.

•   CDM-c Services

•   HSQE Aspect Management

•   Work Planning & Productivity Management

•   Permit Control

•   Sub-contract Management

•   Traffic Management

•   Constructability Reviews

•   Specialist Activity Support & Risk Management Services

Installation and plant refurbishment

Our experienced team has worked on projects across each sector including installing and refurbishing a wide range of equipment such as reverse osmosis, sand filters, boreholes, chemical tanks, resin exchanges and dosing systems.   Where appropriate, the project is overseen by a site supervisor.  If necessary, excavations are dug by hand, particularly where site plans are not up to date and there is a risk of uncovering unknown cables or other services. We continuously cross reference site plans with our findings, updating existing maps with the findings where applicable.  SUEZ Water UK also operates a ‘tidy work area’ policy to ensure efficiency and minimise health and safety risks.

•   Civil and Site Infrastructure services

•   Drainage Installation & rehabilitation

•   Culvert Waterways

•   Composite Wrapping of Pipe work

•   Hydrant & Manifold Installation

•   Fire Main & Mains Laying Installation & Refurbishment

•   Cooling Water & Towns water Leak Sourcing and Repairs

•   High Pressure System Testing & Commissioning Services

Experienced and dedicated team

Our dedicated team can offer a 24/7 service and can respond rapidly to emergency situations such as a burst pipeline or water main. We have national coverage and our skills range from manual labourers to site supervisors to pipelayers.

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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