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SUEZ Water UK operates across all sectors of industry, commerce and public sector, delivering solutions that improve the productivity, quality and profitability of water based products and services.

Below is an overview of some of the core services that we provide, including the products and solutions that we design and manufacture ourselves in the UK and the technologies that these utilise.

Click on the name of each category below for further information, then the links within that category for  more detail.

water scarcity

  • Understand how your business is using water
  • Identify areas for efficiencies and improvement
  • Get expert technical advice and support

Industrial water retail

Industrial water retail

  • Learn how the water market is changing and the options you have
  • Identify areas for potential cost savings
  • Make informed decisions based on impartial advice


Design, engineering and project management

  • Improve the productivity and performance of your water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Refurbish or upgrade your water treatment plant to agilly cope with any process changes
  • Design and build a plant within your specifications and budget whatever your plant size

Site Infrastructure Services

  • Deploy qualified, skilled engineers to optimise your site’s water infrastructure
  • Install the best systems for your site, to suit your businesses’ needs
  • Maintain your assets to prolong service life and minimise downtime and maintenance costs


Industrial operations and maintenance

  • Operate, maintain and service the assets on your site safely and efficiently
  • Manage your plant to its optimal process levels
  • Implement site-based qualified engineers for rapid on-site presence

Water purification system maintenance

  • Maintain your systems with flexible servicing and support
  • Upgrade to new systems with our special deal
  • Easily exchange your water purification cylinders

Scale and corrosion control

  • Identify and manage problem areas and understand methods of control
  • Minimise the need for untimely system repairs and replacement
  • Diminish the use of unnecessary energy and water

Water system cleans and disinfections

  • Reduce levels of microbiological fouling
  • Prolong the lifespan of your systems and equipment
  • Keep operating and treatment costs to a minimum


Process Water Treatment

  • Meet your site’s process water quality and quantity requirements
  • Employ the latest membrane, sofening, filtration technologies as per your site’s needs
  • Tailor your water treatment systems to cater for the specific needs of your site

Wastewater Treatment

  • Control your site’s effluent discharge and comply with standards and regulations
  • Employ the latest, efficient aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment technology
  • Ensure your systems are running to their optimal level

Mobile Water Treatment

  • Ensure continuity of water production and wastewater treatment
  • Anticipate and cope with production fluctuations or changes
  • Treat water and wastewater without CAPEX investment

Sludge treatment

  • Overcome rising sludge treatment and disposal costs
  • Reduce, optimise and recover sludge and by-product for business benefit
  • Comply with discharge limits and environmental regulations


  • Optimise and reduce your water usage
  • Build resilience against the effects of climate change
  • Comply with abstraction and wastewater discharge regulations

Third-party effluent treatment

  • Treat industrial wastewater and effluent quickly and reliably off-site
  • Get plant quality treatment without investment in costly fixed assets
  • Improve service continuity with a backup solution in case of a crisis

Sludge management

  • Overcome rising sludge treatment and disposal costs
  • Reduce, optimise and recover sludge and by-product for business benefit
  • Comply with discharge limits and environmental regulations


Water Purification Systems

  • Deliver a reliable and consistent supply of water purified to required quality
  • Install ring-main or turn-key systems with range of purification technologies
  • Operate and maintain easy to use systems, engineered from decades of experience

Water Purification Technologies

  • We use a wide range of proven, advanced water purification technologies in our water purification systems.

Industrial systems

  • Get bespoke systems to meet your site’s process, cleaning and boiler feed requirements
  • Receive aftersales support and 24/7 service cover
  • Refurbish existing plant and systems to meet your site’s present and future needs

Healthcare systems

  • Comply with healthcare standards and ensure the safety of your patients and staff
  • Get specially engineered systems for endoscopy, renal, laboratory and sterile services
  • Access full design, manufacture, installation and maintenance capabilities from one supplier

Laboratory systems

  • Guarantee the quality of water required for your lab applications
  • Upgrade existing systems from any supplier to the latest specially developed systems
  • Get flexible servicing and maintenance services


Cooling water systems chemicals

  • Solve microbiological problems with proven biocides
  • Inhibit scale and corrosion
  • Automatically and precisely treat systems with dosing solutions

Boiler chemicals

  • Control pH and oxygen levels and more with proven chemistry
  • Disperse the build-up of scale and sludge within your boiler systems
  • Save money by using multipurpose chemicals for smaller systems

Domestic water systems

  • Keep your hot and cold water systems free of microbiological contaminants
  • Achieve balance in your systems with our range of de-chlorination agents
  • Reduce microbiological fouling, scale and corrosion in your shower systems

Closed water systems

  • Improve the performance and economy of your systems
  • Decrease maintenance and repair costs and prolong the life of systems
  • Benefit from application-specific chemistry and engineered solutions

Wastewater treatment chemicals

  • Treat wastewater with proven coagulants, flocculants, anti-foams, odour control and more
  • Receive the most advanced solutions engineered by industry-qualified chemists
  • Solve site-specific problems quickly and easily with bespoke chemicals

Oil & Gas sector chemicals

Upstream | Downstream

  • Reduce production costs, increase productivity and maintain smooth operations
  • Minimise your business’ impact on the environment
  • Get tailor-made chemicals based on site specific requirements

Own Label Chemicals

Own-label water chemistry

  • Receive tailored solutions labelled with your own company and product branding
  • Expand your product range and receive industry-leading technical support
  • Remove the hassle of self-manufacturing, storage and delivery


Legionella & Pseudomonas risk assessments and control

  • Keep on top of changes in regulations and your responsibilities
  • Identify and understand the water-born infection risk in your organisation
  • Implement systems to manage the risks and provide protection

Your responsibilities

  • Understand your responsibilities under Approved Code of Practice L8
  • Identify responsible persons in your organisation
  • Get advice on guidelines for your water systems

Legionella risk assessments

  • Understand why a risk assessment is necessary
  • Discover what a risk assessment involves
  • Get a qualified risk assessment for your facilities

Accreditations and learning materials

  • Learn more about our expertise in Legionella and Pseudonomas control
  • Access free training and learning materials
  • Keep on top of regulations and best practice guidelines


Laboratory analysis and testing

  • Access 24/7 extensive laboratory services from a single source
  • Get routine analysis or tailored specialised sampling and testing
  • Achieve fast results based on ISO and UKAS accredited methods


  • Understand your regulatory requirements with our qualified experts
  • Earn formal qualifications as you learn
  • Get bespoke training for your staff on-site or at a central location

Training courses


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