Satellite Leak Detection

SUEZ brings the world’s first satellite leak detection solution to the UK.

Satellite leak detection uses satellite imaging technology – in use for over 20 years for detecting the presence of water on distant planets. Unique interpretation of images from satellites looking at the surface of earth enables the detection of characteristic signals that indicate the presence of water.

Taken from satellite mounted sensors, the raw imagery is overlaid on geographic information systems and processed by a unique algorithm that detects treated water, which in most cases indicates the presence of a leak. Each image covers a 3500km² area of land, typically big enough to cover most UK cities, and thousands of kilometres of pipework.

At the beginning of each period, SUEZ provides a graphic or tabular Leakage Report containing the location of suspected leaks. The satellite locates leaks within a 100m buffer, though this can vary. A leakage inspector is then sent to confirm and mark the final location of the leak.

The service provided by SUEZ can be carried out periodically, on a monthly, quarterly or half-year basis.

Satellite Leak Detection Brochure


• No preparations or upfront investments

• All of the network can be surveyed several times throughout the year rather than reactively, or once every 2-3 years

• The technology increases efficacy of field labour

• Priority leaks can be targeted quickly, reducing potential damage and claims

Satellite Leak Detection in the UK

SUEZ in collaboration with satellite technology specialists Utilis, have brought this unique technology to the UK water industry. Satellite imagery is interpreted by Utilis, and SUEZ offers site and local services for final leak location – a full end-to-end service for leak location that is more cost effective and less resource intensive than traditional methods.

SUEZ is the official distributor of the Utilis Corporation satellite leak detection in the UK and Ireland.

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Read our case study to find out how we helped Yorkshire Water to identify leaks within their network with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Case study