Process Water Treatment

Empowering industrial businesses to gain and maintain control of the water used to supply critical processes

Water used to supply industrial processes and utilities represents the largest water-related expenditure at an industrial site. This water is used in cooling systems, boilers, processes and sometimes in the product itself. Flexibility in managing this resource is a key requirement as water quality and quantity requirements will vary from one industry to another and from one site to another.

We operate and maintain a broad range of water treatment equipment designed to treat process water across all industries, from food and beverage through to oil refining and power generation. With in-house expertise and strategic partnerships, we are able to offer a full scope of services from raw water abstraction through to polished water delivery. With our help, you can:

  • Meet your site’s process water quality and quantity requirements
  • Employ the latest membrane, softening, filtration technologies as per your site’s needs
  • Tailor your water treatment systems to cater for the specific needs of your site.
process water treatment
process water treatment

Tailoring requirements from industry to industry, site to site

Often, the level of treatment that needs to be applied to process water is broadly linked to the degree of water purification required for the process. For example, a water feed to a cooling tower would generally require far less treatment than a water supply to a high-power boiler or a printed circuit board manufacturer. A cooling tower may only require solids removal and dosing of a biocide to reduce biological activity. A printed circuit board manufacturer may, however, require process water that is completely free from solids and dissolved salts, as it could come in to contact with and potentially affect the finished product.

There are also other considerations that can affect the quality of process water. Examples at the point of abstraction include the seasonable variability of river water quality and borehole integrity. Your site’s requirements for water may also increase, which can result in the water treatment plant operating above its original design scope – or in turn, the water treatment plant could have reached a point where it requires more maintenance due to ageing.

We offer a range of process water treatment solutions, bespoke to your application and site. These range from chemical dosing through to settlement and filtration, to more advanced treatment such as membrane separation, ion exchange and electrodeionisation. With decades of industry experience, we have a deep level of knowledge and understanding of industrial water processes and systems and are able to ensure your plant is operated and maintained for optimum performance.

Ensuring production continuity

Whether the water feeds the product manufacturing process or is used for steam production, cooling or washing, any failure in the process water production unit could have an immediate knock-on effect on your industrial’s site production.

Ensuring the continuity of production involves regular maintenance to your water production facilities. We deliver the necessary support by setting up maintenance plans scaled to your production line, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and guaranteed results. Our dual builder-operator expertise is an undeniable advantage in ensuring the sustainability of your water treatment facilities.

We can swiftly deploy mobile water treatment units in case of an emergency, fault or failure in your water production system, or a sudden deterioration in your water resource. Our mobile units are operational in next to no time and guarantee the quality and quantity of water required for your facility to comply with applicable regulations and the safety rules specific to your industrial site.

Mobile units are also the ideal solution for planned maintenance and servicing operations, or when upgrading your existing equipment, starting up new installations or dealing with variations in production levels.

process water treatment

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