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Oilchem Products

SUEZ understands the complex chemical requirements of the oil and gas industry and has technical resources dedicated to support the needs of our customers operating in this industry. SUEZ Water UK is committed, both to innovation in the solutions and technology it supplies, and to providing the highest level of service to our oil and gas customers. To support this ethos we have a broad range of chemistry solutions designed specifically for use in the oil and gas industry. We are well-positioned to offer safe, environmentally conscience and cost-effective solutions that optimise efficiency and prolong the lifecycle of equipment. SUEZ take a total system approach; we start at the design / CAPEX phase of production and provide carefully designed solutions all the way through the plant lifecycle to asset de-commissioning. We also understand the level of complexity found in refinery and petrochemical plants with the vast number of processes and complex chemical interactions involved.

Our aim is to always produce excellent results, allowing our customers to run safe, efficient plants and optimise their profitability.

The purpose of this product guide is to help you identify which chemical / product you require to meet your specific site and oil & gas requirements. We are well-positioned to support you whatever your chemical requirements and have an excellent reputation and legacy in establishing successful overseas partnerships.

•   Reduce production costs, increase productivity and maintain smooth operations

•   Minimise your business’ impact on the environment

•   Get tailor-made chemicals based on site specific requirements

Our production chemical range

In line with the industry convention we have divided our oil and gas products into two groups – Oilchem and Refinechem ranges. These product ranges support the upstream (production) and downstream (refining of crude oil, processing and purifying of raw natural gas, distribution and marketing) sectors respectively. The Oilchem range of products, which is supported by our dedicated technical support team, has been developed using our experience in chemical formulations and offers a broad range of solutions to our customers in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Scale inhibitor

Carbonate and sulphate scales can often lead to a decrease in process efficiency. Our scale inhibitors are therefore formulated using various polymeric blends to provide protection against insoluble salts including calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate and calcium sulphate. Traceable scale inhibitor is available which is measurable by our special test kit and software.

Corrosion inhibitor

Water is generally present in the production of oil and gas; this water tends to become corrosive as it typically contains relatively high levels of acidic gases and oxygen. Our corrosion inhibitors (which can either be oil or water based) are designed to give protection against such conditions which may include high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and brine.

Emulsion breaker

Demulsifiers (emulsion breakers) are frequently used to break down oil-water emulsions allowing the dehydration of crude oil alongside the removal of salts. The composition of crude oil varies dramatically from one oilfield to another and low dosage rate SUEZ’s products can be optimised to suit the specific site conditions.  Test facilities allow us to develop bespoke products on site.

Flow enhancers (pour point depressants, drag reducers and wax control products)

The pour point of oil is a test which gives the lowest temperature at which the oil will pour (under set conditions). It is often indicative of the amount of wax in the oil as wax tends to separate out at low temperatures thereby inhibiting the flow. Pour point depressants are used in low temperatures to prevent the agglomeration of wax crystals; this improves the flow characteristics of the crude oil as indicated by both the pour point and the cold flow plug point (a test giving the lowest temperature at which a given volume of fuel passes through a filter in a certain time).

SUEZ have polymer based products which are effective at low doses and have been specifically developed to decrease the pour point of crude oil and improve the cold flow plug point. It is important to control paraffin and wax in oilfield production in order to maintain pipework and consequently the oil flow, which is a major factor in the efficient operation of a plant. SUEZ’s paraffin / wax control products work by both dissolving any paraffin / wax and modifying the surface properties to inhibit any further agglomeration of the wax. Various products are available to suit differing site compositions.

Asphaltene dispersant 

Asphaltenes are heterocyclic polyaromatic molecules found in crude oil.  They can lead to significant problems with fouling and the loss of production efficiencies if they precipitate out of solution.  SUEZ have various products which are formulated to both disperse asphaltenes and to avoid their aggregation.

Drag reduction

Improves the flow of crude oil by reducing the turbulence inside the pipeline therefore reducing the drag resistance and the frictional pressure loss.   The use of drag reducers not only improves the pipeline throughput but also reduces the energy required for pumping.  SUEZ have drag reducers based on long chain polymeric products which are able to effectively modify the flow regime of the fluid.

Hydrogen sulphide scavengers

Hydrogen sulphide is often found in drilling mud and hydrocarbons and can be a serious concern in oil and gas production due to its toxic and corrosive nature.  Hydrogen sulphide can be produced both from sulphate-reducing bacteria and during the decomposition of organic matter.  SUEZ have products which are active in water or oil phases allowing them to effectively scavenge hydrogen sulphide from crude oil/Gas.


Microbiological activity in oil and gas fields can quickly lead to significant problems resulting from biofilm formation. The consequence of this can include microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), oil carryover and a decrease in flow resulting in reduced process efficiencies. SUEZ have a range of biocidal products available, which are optimised to combat different bacteria and for efficacy under different conditions.

Deoilers/water clarifier

Water clarifiers are a type of demulsifier (emulsion breaker) which are designed to remove emulsified oil from water and are particularly relevant in the treatment of effluent. The concentration of oil which is permitted in offshore discharged water is tightly controlled.We have various organic and inorganic formulations which will help you to meet the relevant legislation.


Foam can be formed when gas is released from crude oil as it undergoes depressurisation. It can also be produced in gas scrubbers which are commonly used in the production of natural gas to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. In both cases, foaming is likely to lead to process inefficiencies and reduced output. SUEZ offer products (both non-silicon and silicon based) which have been designed to prevent the formation of the foam and to break existing foam in oil and gas fields.

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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