Network Water Quality Management

Providing analysis, advice and solutions to help water utilities identify and act upon factors impacting water quality in the network.

One of the primary objectives for water utilities is to ensure the water distributed to customers is of the highest quality. Water treated in the UK is generally of exceptionally high quality, but ageing water distribution networks can often be the cause of issues that can affect water quality arriving at the consumer’s tap.

One of the ways that water quality performance is measured is by the number and frequency of discolouration contacts. Identifying the factors impacting water quality can sometimes be complex and can involve multiple variable causes including pipe materials, flow, hydraulic conditions, sedimentation and water chemistry.

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Helping deliver the future of water

By understanding and analysing these factors holistically across the network, water utilities can take proactive measures to improve or maintain water quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

SUEZ provide comprehensive analysis, risk assessment and water quality services using a range of industry leading solutions for water network management.

Holistic network analysis and risk assessment:

Analysing water treatment process, hydraulic conditions, age of water and data analysis.

Planning and prioritising interventions:

Where, when, how and when to return

A range of services to improve water quality in network:

•    Mains cleaning (Ice Pigging)

•    Mains flushing

•    Hydraulic reconfiguration and monitoring (Aquadvanced)

•    Expert consultancy on water chemistry, interaction with pipe materials and advice on treatment adaptation

•    Development and management of targeted mains replacement programme

Accessible global expertise

SUEZ have access to a unique body of research, development and world leading experts on phenomena experienced in drinking water networks around the world. Drawing from expertise on water chemistry, materials scientists and water operators, SUEZ are able to provide a range of specialist advice and services that brings together theoretical rigour from its CIRSEE research centres in Paris, with practical application of addressing real-life issues.

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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