Laboratory analysis and testing

Providing analysis and innovative specialised laboratory solutions

The SUEZ Water Sciences Laboratory is dedicated to the analysis of and research into industrial water, wastewater and sludge. We partner with industrial customers to overcome their daily challenges.

•   Get routine analysis or tailored specialised sampling and testing

•   Achieve fast results

Fast, reliable and cost effective routine analysis service

With our laboratory, results are more than a report. Using our customised data tracking service we can implement environmental monitoring regimes from sampling through to specialist review. This service allows pro-active management through statistical process control and offers visual progress against set targets and trends, to improve and optimise the overall effectiveness of our water and wastewater systems.

Tailored innovative laboratory solutions

•   Flow and load surveys and benchmarking

•   Microscopy and health checks

•   Membrane / reverse osmosis autopsy and condition assessment

•   Water and wastewater treatment plant studies

•   Chemical dosing optimisation

•   Investigative and bespoke analytical services and data tracking

•   Pilot testing on a laboratory scale such as anaerobic digestion, aerobic digestion, and dissolved air flotation (DAF)

Together, we will overcome your challenges

Mechanical, operational and chemical components all contribute to overall plant or asset performance. To achieve optimisation, changes in flow, load and composition need to be closely monitored and managed. 

We can help you achieve this by benchmarking current performance against that predicted in the original design and identify process changes that may impact quality and compliance.

Having identified the exact issues that affect your plant, we can then detail the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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