Industrial Water and Wastewater Solutions

Water is a fundamental part of your manufacturing and production process. Collectively, industry uses billions of litres of water every day from process systems such as cooling, cleaning, washing and boiler to being part of the product make up. 

From the water coming into your production facility to the by-product and wastewater at the end, we can offer ‘best in class’ solutions that meet your industrial water needs and address the many challenges and pressures that industry faces today and in future. This includes improving performance and efficiency, reducing operating costs, and managing your wastewater streams in order to meet the ever stringent discharge limits set by the governing body. 

From engineers and technicians to operators and scientists, our team of experienced experts can apply the latest innovations and modern technology in a cost effective manner. By taking a holistic view of your industrial water cycle, we remain focused on providing a solution that is best for your system overall.

Every sector of industry has its own unique challenges and requirements. We provide tailored solutions for the following industrial sectors:

Cost-effective, sustainable solutions that optimise the performance of your industrial water cycle

Every site is unique; therefore we offer packaged or bespoke solutions depending on your specific requirements. Every day we add value to our customers’ sites, from making them a safer place to work to generating tangible cost savings. Over a year, our customers have saved around £5million and the equivalent of 2,000 Olympic swimming pools in water. We also recovered over 4m3 of biogas and processed 26million m3 of wastewater.  

Some of the key solutions that we can offer you include:

•   Upfront water audits to map your water footprint and assess your water use;

•   Technical support, advice and troubleshooting to help you optimise the performance of your plant or overcome any operational issues. We can then deliver the identified solutions and on a turnkey basis if required.

•   Managing, servicing, operating and maintaining part or all of your water treatment system to ensure a reliable, efficient process water stream, or treated effluent that can safely be discharged to the local environment

•   Design and engineering services that are delivered by our fully integrated engineering and projects team, with multi discipline expertise who can manage and deliver projects of a range of value, sizes and complexity

•   Purpose built water purification systems that have been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK to treat your water supply to the exact requirements of your plant. Whether you are upgrading you existing system or building a new one, we can provide a reliable systems within your specifications

•   Laboratory services that provide accredited analysis and innovative specialised laboratory solutions ranging from pilot testing to investigative and bespoke analytical services

•   Innovative water treatment chemicals to ensure the constancy of your water quality. This is supported by our flexible, tailored-made service packages to provide optimum performance and peace of mind

•   Through our comprehensive training academy we offer Ofqual accredited training courses ranging from Legionella awareness to IOSH Health and Safety training

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