Advanced industrial water purification technology

We design, manufacture, install and support custom engineered water purification systems for use throughout industry.

Our expertise spans raw water supply, boiler feed, cooling water, water for process, CIP and SIP, greywater recycling and wastewater disposal, in low and high volume applications, and with water quality to 18.2

We provide a range of advanced water purification technologies, including reverse osmosis, activated carbon, ion exchange, deionisation, electro-deionisation, UV (ultra-violet), ozone disinfection and chemical dosing. All systems are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, with additional accreditation being provided to meet the specific requirements of industry sectors such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical processing.

Our water purification systems are backed by a comprehensive choice of technical, customer support and applications services, including project management, cylinder exchange, plant refurbishment, routine maintenance and 24/7 service cover.

We also have an in-house water sciences laboratory, providing UKAS accredited water, wastewater and waste analysis and specialised investigations, to improve the efficiency of your water systems and ensure environmental compliance.

Raw water feed 

SUEZ water purification systems for raw water feed are designed to provide effective front-line treatment of water from boreholes, aquifers, groundwater and mains supplies, in preparation for use in downstream process, product make-up, cleaning and other duties.

We offer technologies to remove dissolved minerals, organic and suspended matter, bacteria and pathogens, as well as chlorine and other chemicals, combined with advanced monitoring, diagnostic, and control systems.

Boiler Feed

Our purification systems and chemicals for low and high pressure boiler feed applications are designed to reduce boiler operating and maintenance costs, and prolong boiler and steam turbine life, by minimising the build-up of scale, organic contamination and bio-film.

For low pressure boilers we offer ion-exchange softening equipment, with advanced reverse osmosis systems being used for high pressure boilers. In each case, we provide an integrated system, with all pre-treatment filters, monitoring, alarm, diagnostics and control technology, backed by design, engineering and commissioning services, and a full range of process chemistry.

Service, maintenance & support

We provide a comprehensive choice of technical, applications and after-sales support services to support all of our industrial water purification systems.

These include extended warranty and 24/7 service contracts, including routine servicing and replacement of consumables and chemicals, laboratory testing and analysis, and emergency cover to ensure continuity of supply.

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