Industrial operations and maintenance

Optimise plant performance, improve cost efficiency while creating a safer working environment

We have extensive hands-on experience of operating and maintaining water and wastewater system for customers in all industrial sectors. Through long term partnerships, we can apply best in practice techniques to deliver safe, cost effective operations and maintenance.  By taking a holistic view of each industrial site we can support your production facility and meet your overall operational needs and objectives to create maximum value.

•   Flexible approach that is adapted to suit your site needs and budget

•   Optimised operations to ensure reliability

•   Improved cost efficiency to help maintain your profitability

•   A safer working environment

•   Allows you to concentrate on your core business

Flexible approach, allowing you to focus on your core business

Operations and maintenance is at the heart of our business. Our highly skilled team work tirelessly to make performance, financial, health, safety and environmental improvements to our customers systems through innovative sustainable solutions. Each site is unique, from the technology used to the procedures and processes of the site. At SUEZ Water Solutions UK, we adapt each operations and maintenance contract to fit with these and your budget to ensure they run seamlessly with your site.

With dedicated in-house expertise, we can give you the support when you need it most.  This includes:

•   Risk management and computerised data management systems

•   UKAS accredited SUEZ Water Sciences Laboratory that is available 24 /7

•   Expert technical support and advice

•   Dedicated in-house engineering and project delivery team

Optimised operations that save our UK customers millions of pounds each year

From the onset, we identify, develop and implement an improvement plan that is in line with your key objectives to improve the performance, productivity, reliability and compliance of your facilities under our management, using tried and tested methodology. This includes agreeing measurable Key Performance Indicators that are used to measure and evaluate our results which allows us to maintain a tight control over the system and take responsibility for the system performance. We always strive to:

•   Have no accidents or incidents and put Harm to Zero

•   Comply with environmental discharge consent

•   Optimise water costs through improved performance and applied best in class techniques

•   Maintain 100% plant uptime

•   Maintain 100% water quality

•   Minimise water use

•   Deliver safe, innovative and sustainable water solutions

•   Allow you to concentrate on your core business

•   Have an open and inclusive approach to get the best out of our customer partnerships

Together, we will overcome your challenges

We understand the challenges that your industry faces. This is why we develop methods, processes and innovative solutions to overcome these and enable you to concentrate on what you do best.

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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