Ice Pigging

Ice Pigging is an innovative pipeline cleaning solution that uses a thick ice slurry. Offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques, Ice Pigging is highly effective and low risk.

The solution is based on harnessing the complex properties and unparalleled benefits of thick ice. Semi-solid ice can be applied uniquely because it is both pumpable like a liquid, but also takes on properties of a solid when a ‘pig’ of ice is formed within a pipe. The ice is pumped into the pipe and forced by pressure to remove sediment and built-up deposits to leave the pipe clear and obstruction free. As a relatively quick process, it leaves pipe walls undamaged.


•   Is up to 1,000 times more effective than water flushing

•  Flows through all diameters, fittings and bends of pipes

•  Exceptionally low risk – if ice were ever to get stuck it will simply melt

•  Ice is harmless to public health

•  Highly flexible solution adapted to multiple industries


Successful applications of Ice Pigging:

SUEZ delivered an Ice Pigging trial on a stretch of sewerage pipe network providing the ideal solution to an expensive and inconvenient problem which may have otherwise led to pipe replacement.
Severn Trent Water, UK
Ice Pigging was used to clean a section of dairy rising main due to material build up on the pipe wall and the effects of this to the performance of the main.
Wessex Water, UK
After several pilot Ice Pigging trials in 2010, Oasen decided to use Ice Pigging to clean the water mains network in Zwijndrecht over a 3 month project.
Oasen Drinkwater, Holland
Ice Pigging trials were undertaken by Yarra Valley Water (YVW), to clean more than 5,000 metres of pipes over a 5 year contract.
Yarra Valley Water, Australia
Ice Pigging was identified as the optimum method to remove sediments and other particles from drinking water pipes over a 3 year contract.
Gosford City Council, Australia
Northumbrian Water are carrying out a major programme of work to clean and upgrade their trunk water mains to reduce the likelihood of discoloured water. SUEZ have been awarded the 2 year contract to deliver this project.
Northumbrian Water, UK
Ice Pigging was used as solution to a build-up of manganese and iron in four lengths of water main. The technology was identified as the ideal solution due to its ability to adapt to changing pipe diameters, bends and fittings.
United Utilities, UK
Ice Pigging was chosen as a low risk pipe cleaning solution to remove sediment in parts of the water network as part of their water framework.
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Wales

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