Save water and energy with SUEZ ECO water purification units

We have responded to increasing laboratory interest in sustainable solutions by introducing ECO options for our popular Select water purification systems. In addition to saving electricity with the intelligent standby feature, our customers can now save water through high recovery reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Our ECO upgrade helps you to recover up to 50% of water and save energy.

The intelligent standby option, available on selected models, imposes a sleep mode on the purification unit whenever a set time has elapsed without water being dispensed. During standby, a 10-minute recirculation programme takes place every 2 hours to maintain water quality. The benefits of this feature are savings on electricity usage and water wastage.

This small modification can be made retrospectively as part of a service visit, so why wait longer?

Comparison of water consumption and costs between ECO (high recovery) and standard (normal recovery) purification systems

¹ Based on 60 psi, 10°C
² Based on 10 hrs/day, 240 days/year usage
³ Based on typical water charges of £1.50/m3 for mains water and £1.00/m3 for waste water
4 It should be noted that the high recovery RO system described cannot be used if input water has very high levels of hardness

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