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Within the world of water treatment, domestic water systems (also known as hot and cold water systems) are the most commonly found systems in commercial properties. A domestic water system, is the system on a site that distributes hot and cold water to a number of outlets such as taps, toilets and showers. Historically, hot and cold water systems were the most common culprit for outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, with more cases being caused each year by hot and cold water systems than cooling towers. However, thanks to better maintenance and the stricter treatment regimens laid out in the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice L8 there have been very few Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks caused by hot and cold water systems in recent years. Whatever your water system, we are here to help to provide a chemical regime, advice on a monitoring or control scheme as well as a Legionella risk assessment to ensure your system remains compliant and, above all, safe.

•   Keep your hot and cold water systems free of microbiological contaminants

•   Achieve balance in your systems with our range of de-chlorination agents

•   Reduce microbiological fouling, scale and corrosion in your shower systems

Chlorine dioxide chemicals

We have a broad range of well-established and proven chlorine dioxide chemicals for use within hot and cold water systems. Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective biocide treatment used to remove microbiological contaminants from hot and cold water systems. SUEZ has a wide range of chemicals used for the production of chlorine dioxide within systems at various dosage rates.

Chlorine based biocides

SUEZ also provides a range of chlorine based biocides. Chlorine is an extremely effective biocide and we have developed a variety of chemical treatments based upon chlorine’s proven ability to kill microbiological contaminants.

These chlorine based biocides have been specifically designed to suit the wide variety of hot and cold water systems available – this allows us to provide you with the most efficient protection possible from microbiological fouling.


De-chlorinating agents

SUEZ offers a range of de-chlorination agents to neutralise chlorine in systems where the chlorine has been dosed at an unsafe level or to return the system to specified limits. These chemicals are a simple solution to problems caused by incorrect dosage of chlorine based biocides in hot and cold water systems.

Biocide tablets

SUEZ has a range of biocide tablets for use in hot and cold water systems using disinfection chemicals other than chlorine and bromine. These tablets can offer effective biocide treatments for customers who don’t wish to use bromine or chlorine within their system. 

Shower descaling

Our range of unique and innovative shower descaling chemicals provide our customers with fantastic solutions to scale and microbiological problems in the shower outlets. Shower outlets have a particularly high risk of legionella contamination (for more information visit our hot and cold water systems page). Our innovative range of showerhead descalers not only remove scale from your showerheads but also sanitise them, removing any unwanted bacteria that may have developed.

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Freshlink Foods have always found B & V (SUEZ) a very competent, reliable company. The on-site Consultant Stuart Queen has always been very helpful and acts immediately when an issue arises. Freshlink has a very good working relationship with B & V (SUEZ) and hope this will carry on for the future.
ABP Freshlink, Water Treatment customer

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