Cylinder exchange service

If you require purified water with low expenditure, then our Exchange Cylinder Service is for you. Simply purchase the required cylinder for your purified water needs. When the cylinder is exhausted, simply fax or e-mail your purchase order or pre-paid voucher to SUEZ Water UK.

Our carrier will then collect your exhausted cylinder and return it to us. We then regenerate your cylinder and return it to you. The whole process takes approximately 7 working days, however your cylinder can be prioritised by ordering on a gold service, at an additional cost.

If you cannot be without a cylinder during the exchange process, we recommend you have a stand-by cylinder in place to minimise downtime to your process.

All models have been designed for ease of use including:

•   Colour coded cylinder heads for easy identification.

•   Quick and easy release system making cylinder connection simple.

•   Transit plugs to ensure that ports are kept clean and there is no spillage during transport.

•   Air bleed valve to purge cylinders prior to use.

•   High efficiency internal pipework for maximum capacity.

For more information please click the button below to download our water purification cylinders & accessories brochure: