Contractor Support

An expert in water treatment, SUEZ Water UK is also highly experienced in working closely with consultants and contractors to develop simple, cost-effective and reliable water and wastewater solutions.  From helping with the initial specification to on-the-ground issue management, our team of experts brings many years of water management and water treatment experience to bear on every project.  

Due to our wide range of services and level of experience, we understand the complexities of the process and can support consultants and contractors at any stage of the process, whether the project is a commercial, healthcare, industrial or specialised new build or refurbishment project.  We have a strong track record of partnering on water projects with customers in industry, the utilities, facilities management, commerce, healthcare and laboratories.

Initial specification

From preparing an initial water specification, to providing detailed data sheets and sector knowledge, we can ensure consultants get the support needed at this vital first stage in the process.

Design responsibility and specification novation

We work closely with the consultants and main contractors supporting them with expert advice for the design and specification of the installations’ entire water cycle system, as well as ensuring water regulation compliance throughout the whole process.

Specialist applications

Working with SUEZ brings peace of mind, particularly in specialist water applications, where consistent high water quality is required.

Water systems need to be tailored to the application to ensure quality, quantity, and cost effectiveness, plus meeting the stringent standards that apply, especially in healthcare.

Trouble shooting

Due to the depth of our technical knowledge, potential design or installation issues can be highlighted early on, avoiding expensive project delays or infrastructure issues.

BIM compliance

SUEZ ensures Level 2 BIM compliance is available for all relevant projects.


Consultants and contractors don’t have to be experts at water purification and disinfection; industrial water and wastewater treatment; water utility and technical services; water conditioning, or laboratory services for water analysis – because SUEZ is.

Technology collaboration improves efficiencies, reduces costs

Partnering with an innovative water treatment solutions provider like SUEZ Water UK not only helps contractors have peace of mind during the water treatment system design and build process; it also ensures that all relevant industry environmental and regulatory standards are met.

At SUEZ, we have a wide range of customers in industry, utilities, facilities management, commerce, healthcare and laboratories and have the capabilities, knowledge and expertise to provide solutions that deliver in terms of both water quantity and quality.

The SUEZ offering

We are committed to providing added value to contractors through close participation in all aspects of the water cycle process.

With our knowledge, skills and experience, we can demonstrate a range of capabilities, including the sensible management of water resources, tailor-made production of process water, the treatment of wastewater and its re-use.

We offer bespoke tailored solutions to optimise process and reduce costs, fully tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Projects we have worked on:

Skanska – The Royal London Hospital

Balfour Beatty – New Birmingham Hospital

Carillion – Great Western Hospital + Southmead Hospital

Crown House Technologies –  Laboratory Research Institution

Hitachi Zosen Inova – Waste to energy plant

We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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