Boiler chemicals

Control scale, corrosion and carryover in boiler systems with chemical treatment

Our extensive range of boiler system chemicals is proven to assist our customers with issues such as scale, corrosion and carryover. The SUEZ Water UK range of boiler chemicals includes; oxygen scavengers, dispersant sludge conditioners, condensate line corrosion inhibitors, pH adjusters and antifoam chemicals.

•   Control pH and oxygen levels and more with proven chemistry

•   Disperse the build-up of scale and sludge within your boiler systems

•   Save money by using multipurpose chemicals for smaller systems

Oxygen scavengers

SUEZ has an extensive range of highly effective oxygen scavengers for use in a broad range of boiler systems. All of our oxygen scavengers have been developed to effectively remove oxygen from specific boiler designs, pressure ranges and parts of the system. The careful approach taken to their formulation means that they can provide solutions to very specific problems – it also means that our chemicals are extremely effective at solving the problems they were designed for. The extent of the range means that we can offer you specific solutions to any oxygen scavenger requirements that you may have. To discuss the use of oxygen scavengers with a Water Treatment specialist contact us now using the contact button at the bottom of the page.

Dispersant sludge conditioners

These chemicals are designed to disperse the build-up of scale and sludge within a boiler system. Scale results from the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts and is seen as a rock like coating on the inside of boiler tubes. A conditioner is required which will react with any residual hardness present in the incoming feed water and prevent precipitation of scale onto the boiler surface. Phosphate, polymers and chelant treatments are typically used. Sludge conditioners tend to be organic polymers and help to prevent the adherence of suspended solids onto heat transfer surfaces. The polymers combine with precipitates and the resultant electrical charge on the particle surface enables the particles to be dispersed so that they may be removed by blow-down.


Condensate line corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion can also occur in condensate return lines. It is almost always due to oxygen in the steam or carbon dioxide which leads to the production of carbonic acid. Oxygen should ideally have been dealt with by the treatment of the feed water but any remaining can be removed by one of the steam volatile oxygen scavengers shown in the first table above. Carbon dioxide corrosion can be controlled by pre-treatment techniques or by the addition of steam volatile neutralising and filming amines. The return line treatment products manufactured by SUEZ have been specially formulated to optimise corrosion protection in return lines of different lengths, in boilers of all pressures and include a chemical product suitable for all industry sectors.

Multipurpose chemicals

Often, it is not economical or efficient to dose smaller boiler systems with a variety of chemicals to protect against the problems that may occur in a small boiler system. So, to make your lives easier and to save you money on chemical treatments, we have developed a range of multipurpose chemicals to effectively protect smaller systems from problems such as corrosion, scale and carry over. All products comply with the FDA regulations for steam that comes into contact with food. 

pH adjusters

Sodium hydroxide provides a highly alkaline environment in the boiler. This alkaline pH helps to control the corrosion of steel. Maintaining the correct alkalinity range minimizes this highly corrosive effect of water in the high temperature environment of the boiler. Alkalinity also plays a critical part in various chemical reactions in the boiler. Most of boiler water alkalinity comes from the addition of sodium hydroxide in the chemical programme. While, naturally occurring alkalinity found in raw water supplies makes up the rest. If alkalinity is present naturally, it contributes to the required alkalinity in the boiler and decreases the amount of sodium hydroxide needed.

Miscellaneous boiler chemicals

SUEZ have developed a range of chemical cleaning and dispersion chemicals for use within boiler systems. These chemicals have been specifically designed to provide unique solutions to your specific cleaning and dispersant requirements. We also have a range of chemicals to stop foaming within boiler systems, and the problems which foaming can lead to, within a boiler system. Our antifoams are extremely effective and have a proven track record when used in a variety of boiler systems.

Dosing of boiler water chemicals

Boiler system water treatment chemicals are ideally dosed automatically via a precise chemical pump that gives the correct amount of chemical for the application. There are several methods of achieving this, including linking the pump to a water meter or to the operation of the boiler feed pump, so that the dosing is proportional to the steam load. Some condensate treatment chemicals need to be dosed to the steam header and this requires a similar method of dosing control. For more information on the dosing equipment available please visit our dosing pumps and controllers page. To arrange a visit from a Water Treatment Specialist to discuss dosing your boiler system contact us now using the button at the bottom of the page.

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