Aquadvanced Water Networks

Integrated management software for drinking water networks

Aquadvanced Water Networks is an advanced analytics tool for the monitoring of water quality and losses in distribution networks in real-time.

In a digital world, the term ‘Data Rich, Information Poor’, or DRIP, is one that is common in the day-to-day operations of a water distribution network.

The growing number of available sensors and monitoring technologies aren’t always advantageous to network managers if the right tools aren’t in place to convert data into valuable inputs for their final users.

Aquadvanced Networks allows for optimised network operations and improved customer service. Operating in real-time, the system enables utilities to remotely and continuously monitor their drinking water networks to improve overall operational efficiency and deliver a service of excellence.

Aquadvanced Water Networks


Non-revenue water (NRW)

•   Network efficiency management with real-time performance indicators
•   Detection of leaks including small and invisible leaks through advanced event management and precise localisation of incident
•   Quantification of water losses to focus on critical or major leaks

Water quality

•   Accurate and continuous follow-up on the status of water quality throughout the network
•   Better understanding of local water quality requirements: water origin, water blending, chlorine injection, etc.
•   Identification and assessment of the impact of an accidental or voluntary intrusion on the network

Operational effectiveness

•   Global hydraulic and water quality analysis of the network to deliver reliable operations
•   Enhanced responsiveness and prioritisation of actions in the event of an incident
•   Optimised water production or water purchase policy due to improved network efficiency
•   Decision-making support for investments in network renewal


Dashboard for hydraulic and water quality performance with indicators based on NRW, flow, pressure or quality parameters

Network map displaying position of assets/devices and real-time data computed per hydraulic zones such as District Meter Areas, sectors of consumptions or pressure zones

Continuously updated lists of process events and system events detected by statistical methods, including automatic estimation of missing invalid data

Selection of any variable through navigation for cross analysis / cross-sectional analysis in a dedicated workspace

Acoustic analysis view with noise indicators and map display of acoustic logger status Connection to Automated Meter Reading system to improve NRW accuracy and operational efficiency

Quality monitoring view with specific quality indicators, map display of multi-parameters probes, accurate quality event detection, sampling points with associated lab analysis data

Geo-referencing of complaints and interventions with access to past, on-going and planned interventions and complaints displayed with detailed information

Hydraulic and quality maps based on the use of a hydraulic model of the network: velocity, flow, pressure, headloss gradient, water source, reservoir influence area, residence time

Aquadvanced Networks integrates data from multiple sources and systems: SCADA, sensors (hydraulic and quality), GIS, data historian, Workforce Management, CRM,… to turn existing data into valuable decision-making support through a user-friendly inter- face.

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