At SUEZ Water UK we partner with companies in all market sectors, from power generation and renewable energy, to oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, laboratories, and food and drinks production.

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We understand the production, safety, commercial, environmental and legislative challenges that your business faces every day. As a result, we deliver technical and commercial solutions that help you improve operating performance, drive cost efficiencies and ensure regulatory compliance.

Sectors we operate in

Companies across industry are facing ever stricter legislation and controls governing water abstraction and wastewater disposal, while meeting multiple challenges of consistent water availability and quality, water reuse and recycling, energy efficiency, safety, productivity and cost optimisation.

Throughout, we work in partnership with our customers to provide solutions ranging from chemistry and stand-alone water purification units, laboratory testing and technical support, to fully integrated, end-to-end outsourced water and wastewater management services.

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In the healthcare and life sciences sectors in the UK, SUEZ Water UK was previously known as Purite and B & V Group and has provided critical water purification systems and specialist water treatment support and consultancy for over 30 years.

Today, our trusted solutions are used within healthcare facilities across the country. They include compact, efficient and cost effective benchtop reverse osmosis units, custom engineered ring main systems and specialised purification technology for sterile services and both on-ward haemodialysis and home renal dialysis.

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healthcare/life science

Our proven range of water purification systems are used in all types of laboratories, delivering solutions that are reliable and simple to use, with guaranteed levels of consistent water purity to 18.2MΩcm.

We also offer high volume custom built laboratory systems for use in hospitals, universities and industrial sites. Every system is backed by full customer support, off-the-shelf consumables, training and detailed technical knowledge to help you resolve even the toughest challenges.

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The UK water industry faces several long-term challenges – from population growth, climate change and water scarcity, to rising customer expectations and environmental standards. Pressure from ever tighter regulations and increasing consumer expectations makes an in-depth understanding of these complexities vital.

Utilising a wealth of expertise and experience, we have developed the technologies and integrated solutions necessary to meet these challenges.

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The management of industrial, commercial, healthcare and public buildings is becoming increasingly focussed on energy efficiency, environmental compliance and the health and safety of employees, patients and visitors.

Our water treatment chemistry, technical services and engineering support enables us to deliver solutions that help you meet the challenges of maintaining cooling, boiler, hot and cold systems and closed water systems in optimum condition.

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