Water purification systems

We design, manufacture, install, service and support high performance water purification systems that add real value to industrial, healthcare and laboratory operations.

water purification systemsSUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd was previously known as Purite Ltd. Although our name has changed we remain a major European manufacturer of standard and custom built water purification systems for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications. Founded over 30 years ago we offer unrivalled design and engineering resources, knowledge and experience in a wide range of water purification technologies.

  • Deliver a reliable and consistent supply of water purified to required quality
  • Install ring-main or turn-key systems with range of purification technologies
  • Operate and maintain easy to use systems, engineered from decades of experience.

Choose your sector

Laboratory systems

  • Guarantee the quality of water required for your lab applications
  • Upgrade existing systems from any supplier to the latest specially developed systems
  • Get flexible servicing and maintenance services


Healthcare systems

  • Comply with healthcare standards and ensure the safety of your patients and staff
  • Get specially engineered systems for endoscopy, renal, laboratory and sterile services
  • Access full design, manufacture, installation and maintenance capabilities from one supplier


Industrial systems

  • Get bespoke systems to meet your site’s process, cleaning and boiler feed requirements
  • Receive aftersales support and 24/7 service cover
  • Refurbish existing plant and systems to meet your site’s present and future needs


Water purification system maintenance

  • Maintain your systems with flexible servicing and support
  • Upgrade to new systems with our special deal
  • Easily exchange your water purification cylinders

Services & Accessories

Cylinder Exchange Service

If you require purified water with low expenditure, then our Cylinder Exchange Service is for you.

Water Purification Technologies

We use a wide range of proven, advanced water purification technologies in our water purification systems. 



SUEZ Water Purification Systems has a wide range of global distributors. Take a look at where your local distributor is located.


We offer one of the largest ranges of products, custom engineered systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source.

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